Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fixed : "2 Items Selected" error and Yellow Exclamation Icon while trying to submit Taleo Online Job Application

Sometimes, when you try to submit an online job application powered by Taleo, you will see this weird error that just says "2 Items selected". The number might be different in your case. This error drove me crazy with frustration and I thought all the details I entered would be gone forever.

The problem is that, it is not sufficient to enter the employer country, but you should click the "Search" link next to it and choose from the options given. In my case, there were 2 locations with similar names and hence the error "2 Items selected"!! Also, since I had many such text boxes filled in, I couldn't even click the Search link as it wouldn't let me leave the page because of the errors in the other text boxes.

So, if the country you specified is not clear to the application, it would not let you continue or even SAVE the form. It would not even let you correct the errors one by one!! Not a brilliant job by the Quality Assurance team!

So, how to fix this mess? Delete the entries one by one. Remove all those job experiences you filled in carefully and start from Job 1, making sure to click the Search button after filling in the country name. You could also try deleting just the contents of the field Country. Didn't work for me though.

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Cheers :)