Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unable to move the cursor in Microsoft Excel? Here's the Fix!

Is the whole spreadsheet moving when you try to move the cursor in Microsoft Excel?
Here's how to fix it!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music Software Review : Vir2 Acoustic Legends vs Chris Hein Guitars vs Vienna Concert Guitar vs MusicLab RealGuitar

This is gonna be a short post (more like taking notes than an in-depth review!). Let's compare a few guitar VSTis!

First of all, Vienna Concert Guitar sounds bad and I think it's an old product as well. So, let's take that off the list.

Vir 2 Acoustic Legends HD
Amazing Sound. Great attack and clarity. Good body to the tone.
Nice fret noise while playing.
Very realistic.
Have to create different channels for different articulations (no mode switching with keys)
Chords - Mediocre

Chris Hein Guitars
On the fly articulation switching with keys - muting, harmonics, hammer ons, etc.
Relatively smudged sound
Tinny tone, lacks body. (Almost as if it was run through an EQ or amp)
Terrible chords

I compared both the instruments and their variations (nylon, steel, harmonics, banjo,...) side by side. These observations were consistent all over.

MusicLab's RealGuitar
Chord strumming is one area where both of the heavy weights abover are lacking. MusicLab's RealGuitar has high playability and shines in playing chords and strumming. Not as good as an actual guitar, but can get very close results through clever programming. Sound quality is good as well.

Final Thoughts:
For solos, I would use Acoustic Legends and for playing chords, RealGuitar.

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Update :
Ample Guitar blows everything else out of the competition. Check this out. It sounds crisp and has a high playability too. Sounds very realistic. They have produced libraries for other guitar models too, including electric guitars. Check them out. Great job, Ample Guitar!