Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download Firefox 3 now And help set a new Guiness World Record!

Firefox 3 Download day.
Let's help set a new world record :D

Download it fast ppl! And spread the news :)

It's Download Day - Download Firefox 3 now!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

6600 Menu key not working

This problem bugged me for a long time. The trouble is that sometimes, the Menu key doesnt work, requiring me to restart the mobile. Like, when I had this long SMS typed and the phone went into Lock mode. When I unlocked, Menu key aint working and I couldnt send the message. And I got really pissed off.

If you are unlucky enough to have this prob too, dont worry. You are lucky that you found this page. :)

Enough babbling. On with the solution.

Step 1. Press the Power button at the top once to open the options menu.
Step 2. Select 'Lock Phone' option.
Step 3. Unlock with your lock code. (Default is 12345)
Step 4. Press the 'Menu' key.
Step 5. Smile :)

That was really simple, huh?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to copy orkut profile pics

If you try rightclicking and saving the profile pic in orkut, you would get a 'b.gif' file. And to your surprise, it would be blank. Try saving the page and then search in the '_files' folder and still the profile pic wouldnt be there!

So two ways to get the pic.

1 - Take a screenshot!
2 - If you are using firefox, go to Tools>Page Info. Click Media tab.
Click the item in the list that starts with 'http://img1.orkut.com/images/medium/'.
Click 'Save as..', give a name and there U go!

K this isnt much of a 'How to' guide. Ofcourse taking a screenshot and clipping away the area around the pic is the easiest method. But it didnt hurt to learn about how to use 'Page Info' to download stuff that you normally cant, right? U can use it to download flash files and youtube videos too. Check out my post here for more info. :)

K you never know how you get screwed in your life, so here we go.
This information was provided for educational purpose. I'm not liable for anything you do with this info.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

n1deiect \ amvo\ avpo Virus - Removal Tip

This virus spreads mostly through removable drives. If you are unlucky to have your AV software disabled for performance boost and then if you double click the infected drive, you're going to have a bad week!

Unless you know how to kill it, that is. And I hope the following method would help you do just that. Please note that this nuisance comes in variants and the filename of the infection might be different for you. Please refer here to find out more about it.

Most probably, you noticed you are affected after you found out that you can no longer view hidden files, and when you double click your drives, the contents are shown in a new window.

Find out the filename of the virus by opening the autorun.inf files that it created in the root of all drives in notepad. Examples are n1deiect.com, amvo.exe, awda2.exe, etc. Now U can remove the virus by two methods - DOS way or my way :)

Fire up the task manager and end wscript.exe, explorer.exe. Also close any processes with suspicious names. Now open avafind, search for autorun.inf and awda2.exe (or whatever the filename you found in the autorun.inf file). Delete all the instances. Wait for a minute and search again. If the files are back, it means you didnt do it right. Try finding out the correct infected process in the tast manager and close it. (Use google)

The rest is simple. Search for amvo.exe and amvo0.dll (these reside in windows system folder) and delete them. If you cant delete them, use Unlocker tool to remove them.

Click Start>Run. Type 'msconfig' and press enter. Click the 'startup' tab and uncheck the entry 'amvo'.

Restart the computer. That's it.

Note : If U still cant view hidden files, use RRT tool to remove the restrictions.

I hope this would help you kill the sucker.

Update: Heard that the latest Kaspersky AV can clean this infection. I didnt confirm this.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ubuntu Live/Install CD With Vmware - Display Server Problem

Here's a small tip for those having problems booting Ubuntu with VMware. Try booting Ubuntu in Safe Graphics Mode. If you're getting an error message saying that the display server has been shut down 6 times and that it will try again after 2 minutes, stop the virtual machine. Then open the settings for the virtual machine and select the Display option from the list. Then click 'Specify monitor settings' on the right and specify 'Number of monitors' as 1 and the 'Maximum resolution of any one monitor' to '1024 x 768'. Click 'Ok' and now try booting again.

If your problem is solved, please leave your comments.