Monday, December 31, 2007

Troll Pic for Linux n Mac Users

Here's a pic I found in encyclopaedia dramatica which can be used for trolling Linux and Mac users. If U cant find the humour, U r a dumb ass :P


Sunday, December 2, 2007

All new Winamp from Nullsoft!

Winamp 5.5 released ppl. It just got better!

It's a special 10th Anniversary Edition and it has got some cool new features.

The main new features include a new revamped interface and a cool skin - the Bento.
The feature I liked the most is that now Winamp supports Album Art natively. Oh yeah! No more plugins for Album Art!

The new version also sports Mp3 Surround support for those having surround audio systems. Other features include support for more audio devices and online media search, auto album art searching, dynamic song recommendations, auto-tagging, shade mode and a new Dashboard feature with which you can add customised dynamic content like feeds, news, random winamp skins and plugins display, etc. etc.

Oh, and dont forget to check out the Winamp Browser feature. Browse all those Music blogs out there.

Play. Download. Browse. Bookmark. Enjoy.

More Info : -

Download Link