Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to check the CID of your HTC One X?

You probably want to check your CID or Customer ID to know whether you can get Android Jelly Bean on your HTC One X phone. Follow this method to quickly find out your CID.
You should have adb and other sdk files, which you can download from the android site or get the lean zip file of only the essential files from xda developers forum. After extracting the files, follow these steps.

1) Set fastboot on your phone.
2) Connect your phone to the PC. You don't have to switch it off. Just connect it through USB in Charging mode.
3) Open the command prompt.
4) Go to the folder containing adb.exe.
5) Type adb shell setprop ro.cid and press enter key.

Your CID (for example, HTC_038) will be displayed on the screen.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

HTC One X: Wont Switch On? Flashing/Blinking Red Light/LED? Bricked?

This happened to me today morning and drove me insane. Luckily, it sorted out itself when I gave up!

I woke up and found my HTC One X lying there dead. It wont power up, it didnt show any sign of life when connected to USB/charger. After a couple of minutes, the LED began blinking, flashing red light on and off slowly (unlike the fast blinking when battery gets below 10%).

For some time I ran around connecting it to three different chargers, but it wouldn't boot up. I thought I bricked the phone. Finally I gave up and sat down. I connected it to the charger, switched on my laptop and started searching on online forums on how to fix it. After reading a few threads (about half hour), I glanced at the phone and voila! The red light became stable. Tapped the power button and it switched on, booted up, started showing the beautiful photo album lock screen animation, connected to the internet, started syncing, popped notifications of new messages from facebook, whatsapp, kik... Aaaaahh... Peace!

So in short, here's the fix :
1) Connect the One X to a charger.

2) Make yourself a cup of coffee, watch the videos on my youtube channel
3) The LED will go from off to flashing red to stable red.
4) When it's red, turn the phone on.

So, there is no fix. All you need is some patience. And a belief that it is going to be alright.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Facebook: Disappearing Posts From Timeline/Wall

Problem : Disappearing posts from Facebook Timeline/Wall

Description : Things you post on your timeline or wall disappears without any notification, along with the likes, comments and notifications. Noone can see it. Like it wasnt there at all.

Solution : You can wait for sometime and see if it comes back. To speed things up, goto the below link and check if others are facing the same problem. If you see such a post, open it and add your problem as a comment under it. If you are experiencing this alone, click "New Post" button at the top and submit your problem. It will get fixed in a short while. (For me, they brought back the lost post in under 2 minutes!)

Let me know if this fixed your problem. Leave your comments below. Thanks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

HTC One X stuck during update? Here's why!

If your phone is stuck on the update screen and is seeming to do nothing, chances are that it's connected to a power source and is charging. All you have to do is detach  the power cable and the phone will restart and update the applications!

Not sure whether this is the case with all ICS (Icecream Sandwich, Android 4) devices. If your phone gets stuck, try unplugging it from the power source.

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