Friday, August 3, 2012

HTC One X: Wont Switch On? Flashing/Blinking Red Light/LED? Bricked?

This happened to me today morning and drove me insane. Luckily, it sorted out itself when I gave up!

I woke up and found my HTC One X lying there dead. It wont power up, it didnt show any sign of life when connected to USB/charger. After a couple of minutes, the LED began blinking, flashing red light on and off slowly (unlike the fast blinking when battery gets below 10%).

For some time I ran around connecting it to three different chargers, but it wouldn't boot up. I thought I bricked the phone. Finally I gave up and sat down. I connected it to the charger, switched on my laptop and started searching on online forums on how to fix it. After reading a few threads (about half hour), I glanced at the phone and voila! The red light became stable. Tapped the power button and it switched on, booted up, started showing the beautiful photo album lock screen animation, connected to the internet, started syncing, popped notifications of new messages from facebook, whatsapp, kik... Aaaaahh... Peace!

So in short, here's the fix :
1) Connect the One X to a charger.

2) Make yourself a cup of coffee, watch the videos on my youtube channel
3) The LED will go from off to flashing red to stable red.
4) When it's red, turn the phone on.

So, there is no fix. All you need is some patience. And a belief that it is going to be alright.

Leave a comment if this post helped you. Thanks! :)