Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to copy orkut profile pics

If you try rightclicking and saving the profile pic in orkut, you would get a 'b.gif' file. And to your surprise, it would be blank. Try saving the page and then search in the '_files' folder and still the profile pic wouldnt be there!

So two ways to get the pic.

1 - Take a screenshot!
2 - If you are using firefox, go to Tools>Page Info. Click Media tab.
Click the item in the list that starts with ''.
Click 'Save as..', give a name and there U go!

K this isnt much of a 'How to' guide. Ofcourse taking a screenshot and clipping away the area around the pic is the easiest method. But it didnt hurt to learn about how to use 'Page Info' to download stuff that you normally cant, right? U can use it to download flash files and youtube videos too. Check out my post here for more info. :)

K you never know how you get screwed in your life, so here we go.
This information was provided for educational purpose. I'm not liable for anything you do with this info.